Auto re-posting of the old posts

Plugin can automatically re-post existing posts based on the settings. This functionality is very powerful and flexible, but takes some time to setup it.

Please see here for some problems troubleshooting

Please note: This feature is depreciated, no longer supported and will be replaced with something much better in the upcoming verstion 4

It can be used for two different purposes.

1. You just installed a plugin, but you already have a lot of interesting posts that you would like to share with your social followers. You can use this to auto import all your existing posts to social networks one by one old-to-new, new-to-old or randomly.

2. You want to recycle your content by re-sharing your existing posts to your social networks.

Activate/Set Auto-Repostng for each account

Automated re-posting can be set differently for each account. Please go to any configured account settings and switch to the “Advanced” tab.


1. Activate/Deactivate re-posting for this account.

2. Set re-posting interval.

3. Set random delays around your interval time. This will make your posts appear more human. If you have interval set to 30 minutes and “Randomize posting time ±” to 5 minutes, your next post will appear sometime between 25 and 35 minutes from the previous.

4*. Set specific days and hours when plugin should do autoposts. This is useful if you would like your posts to be reposted, for example, only Mondays to Fridays during the daytime.

5. Set how to select what posts should be auto-reposted. Options are: “Random”*, “One-by-One New-to-Old” and “One-by-One Old-to-New”.

6. Set the age of the posts selected for auto-reposting. You can set specific dates or you could specify the age of the posts in days.

7. This setting controls the default value of the new posts. You could set new posts eligible for re-posting or excluded from re-posting. This could be overridden for each individual post.

8. Use those buttons to set all posts to “Enabled for Repost” or “Disabled for Repost”

9. This shows some info about last re-posted post. You can also “Reset” the process, so plugin will start over.

10. You can set the ID of last re-posted WordPress post. Plugin will continue or start from the next one.

* #4 and re-posting option “Random” available in the “Pro” plugin only.

Control what posts should be auto-reposted

Each post has a checkbox that controls auto-reposting. Check it and post will be auto-reposted according to your settings. Uncheck it and post will be ignored and not auto-reposted.


Version 3.3.1 Update

Version 3.3.1 adds some more control about what should happen at the end of auto-reposting query.

You have 3 options:


1. Automatically Turn Reposting Off. This is useful if you just need to repost all your existing posts to the social network once.
2. Wait for new posts. This should be used if you want to regularly repost some of your posts. For example you want to repeat all your yesterday’s posts today.
3. Loop it. Reset and Start from the beginning. This will create an infinite loop of reposting. Plugin will repost all your posts and then start doing it all over again from the beginning.

“Random” option is always set to “Loop it”.

** Added in version 3.0.0

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