Assign categories to each Social Network

This functionality allows you to setup accounts, so posts will go there only if applicable category is selected. Basically you can autopost different posts to different accounts based on categories.

You have an ability to assign categories to each Social Network. This network will be auto-selected only when post assigned to specified categories.

Choose “All categories” or “Selected”


Select categories that should be assigned to this specific network.


Choosing one of the selected categories on the “Add new post” page will auto select applicable social network account for auto-posting.


Please see the video demo of this feature:

Tags and custom taxonomies

You can also filter posts by tags or custom taxonomies. Only posts with those tags or custom taxonomies assigned will be autoposted to this account, you can include custom taxonomy tags in taxonomy_slug|tag format.

For example if you have custom taxonomy “Colors” with the slug “color”, and you want to autopost only blue and red items you need to enter:


*** Added in version 2.5.0

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