Known Issues

Please check the current known issues with the SNAP

Please do not open new tickets regarding those issues. We are already aware of them. Thank you.

[Permanent/Unfixable] Known Issues
[Blogger] Blogger/Blogspot and International Characters
[Google+] [Known Issues] [External] - Disappearing Google+ posts - "Post Not Found" Error
[Active] Known Issues
Instagram - "[error_type] => sentry_block" Error
Here: Instagram - Issues

DeviantArt - Site is unstable. Many posts are getting lost.
Flipboard - Site is unstable and sometimes si throwing "Flipboard Oops, something went wrong" error. Nothing can be done until Flipboard fixes itself.

[Old/Resolved] Known Issues
[Jan 2017] Delicious - Site is unstable and sometimes is throwing 500, 503, and 301 (Moved Permanently) errors. Nothing can be done while the whole ( site is down.
Delicious Down
[Nov 20 2016] Reddit - Empty list of subreddits and "ERROR:" message. Fixed in the release (3.7.6)
[Aug 30 2016] Google+ - Status: Fixed on Sept 1, 2016 - API version 2.24.2.
Issue: Error (NXS): Lost Login info. Please see FAQ #3.4 or contact support .

Google switched everybody to the new Google+ interface. It caused some people "Lost Login" error. We will release new API with support for a new interface ASAP.
[May - June 2015] LinkedIn - Status: Fixed.
Issue: Some Posts to Some LinkedIn groups are missing attachment links.

[May - June 2015] Blogger - Status: Will be resolved in the next release
Issue: [Error] => Error: 404 | Invalid Login

SNAP was using "ClientLogin" authentication method for several years. As of May 2015 Google dropped support for it.

We will change authentication to oAuth 2.0 in the next release. Unfortunately this will require a complete re-setup of the Blogger accounts.
PS: Only "Free" plugin is affected. "Pro" plugin uses NextScripts API which is not affected by this.

[May - June 2015] Facebook - Status: Fixed
Issue: Emoji support is broken.

[March-April-May 2015] LinkedIn - Resolved in SNAP Version 3.4.17 [05/15/2015]
LinkedIn is completely changing ‚Äčit's API in several days (on May 12, 2015). Right now (We are assuming prior to the change) we are observing numerous different bugs and issues with it. We expect more to come, so please expect autoposting to LinkedIn to be extremely unreliable for the next several weeks.
PS: As part of the upcoming changes LinkedIn is discontinuing support for groups API, which means autoposting to LinkedIn groups using free native LinkedIN API will be no longer possible.
Update (May 12, 2015). LinkedIn changed it's API. Groups are no longer supported. We are implementing new API/Interface right now. New SNAP version reflecting LinkedIn changes will be released ASAP.

[15 April 2015] Flipboard - Resolved in SNAP Version 3.4.17 [05/15/2015]
Flipboard is actively changing it's interfaces right now. Some users might expect interruptions and errors during the configuration and autoposting. We expect it to be fixed/finished in 2-3 weeks.
[April 29, 2015] [Resolved] Facebook Errors (#283) and (#200)
[April, 2014] Facebook Issues [Resolved - Closed][Updated May 16, 2014]
[Dec, 2013] Auto re-posting problems and fixes.
[Nov, 2013] Version 3 Upgrade Issues
[Nov, 2013] Version 3.0.6 and auto re-posting problem/fix.

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