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Autoposting to Instagram

Autoposting to Instagram

March 2, 2016 17 Comments

Instagram Autoposting is coming to SNAP!

3 years ago we wrote an article explaining why Instagram was not supported. Instagram was accepting images only from the phones and other mobile devices and there was no way to post there from the website or API. Since then we were considering creating our own API for Instagram. Well, today we are announcing it.

NextScripts API for Instagram will be available for all active API subscribers* Friday March 5, 2016 as part of the Universal API.

More info as well as demo is here: SNAP: Autoposting to Instagram

Autoposting to Instagram is available to all active SNAP API subscribers. Active SNAP API subscriber is anyone whose last payment for SNAP API was less then a year ago.
Instagram autoposting is available in all SNAP API versions including “Pro”, “Light” and “Run-Time”(this one is included with “Pro” WordPress plugin)
Clarification #2: Who is getting Instagram?
SNAP API Pro Subscribers – Yes
SNAP API Light Subscribers – Yes
SNAP Pro WordPress plugin users who subscribed to RunTime API – Yes
SNAP Pro WordPress plugin users who chose “One time payment” option after March 5, 2015 – Yes (but will loose it on the payment anniversary)
SNAP Pro WordPress plugin users who chose “One time payment” option before March 5, 2015 – No
SNAP Free WordPress plugin – No

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