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Pinterest API library is now included and integrated with the SNAP Pro for WordPress plugin. No separate installation is required.

NextScripts Pinterest API library for PHP

Social image-sharing site Pinterest is growing fast. Your site or blog is already posting your updates to Facebook and Twitter, so what about Pinterest? Pinterest API is not released yet, so there were no way to sync your updates around all networks including this one. Well, we did it with Google Plus, and now we did it with Pinterest as well. New Automated Posting API library from “NextScripts” is capable of automatic sharing images from your site directly to your Pinterest account.

Also get a WordPress Plugin that will automatically publish all your posts to Pinterest.

Pinterest Automated Posting Demo

Try it: Select Image to be Pinned:

Message: Click Here to Pin this to our Demo Pinterest Board


The script is very easy to use.

1. Pin an image to your Pinterest board:

  require_once "nxs-api/nxs-api.php";
  require_once "nxs-api/nxs-http.php";
  require_once "inc/nxs-functions.php";  
  $email = ''; 
  $pass = 'YourPassword';
  $msg = 'Post this to Pinterest!'; 
  $imgURL = ''; 
  $link = ''; 
  $boardID = '104935301886129712427'; 

  $nt = new nxsAPI_PN();
  $loginError = $nt->connect($email, $pass);     
  if (!$loginError)
      $result = $nt -> post($msg, $imgURL, $link, $boardID);
  else echo $loginError; 
  if (!empty($result) && is_array($result) && !empty($result['post_url'])) 
    echo '<a target="_blank" href="'.$result['post_url'].'">New Post</a>'; 
    echo "<pre>".print_r($result, true)."</pre>";

More complex example: Pinterest bot protection.


PHP5, cURL with OpenSSL, WordPress if you would like to use plugin.

Screenshots from WordPress Plugin



Get It

Pinterest Automated Posting Script is now part of the universal SNAP API. SNAP API provides a universal API interface for autoposting to more then 25 different social networks including Google+, Pinterest, Flipboard, Reddit, YouTube, Blogger, and LinkedIn Company Pages as well as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Scoop.It and many others

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Version history

May 29, 2015 – Became a part of the SNAP Universal APISNAP Universal API Version history
Version 2.15.69 – Feb 27, 2015
   – [FIX/Improvement] – Pinterest changed/upgraded it’s API interface
Version 2.9.15 – may 20, 2014
   – [FIX] – Support for updated Pinterest interface
Version 2.8.0 – July 10, 2013
   – [Improvement] – New Pinterest Design for posts
   – [Change] – OLD Pinterest Design is not longer supported
Version 2.7.3 – Jun 28, 2013
   – [Improvement] – New Pinterest Design Support
   – [Improvement] – Stability Improvements
Version 1.1.0 – Jun 28, 2012
   – [Improvement] – Switched to new generation of automated logins. No more “cookie” files required and it can work with open_basedir set.
Version 1.0.1 – Jun 22, 2012
   – [BugFix] – Some Small Bug Fixes.
Version 1.0.0 – Jun 20, 2012
   – Initial Release
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