Setup/Installation: vKontakte – Social Networks Auto-Poster for WordPress

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Important Note: VK API for uploading images is NOT compatible with “Always use secure connection” setting. If you choose to make “image” posts to VK please make sure this option is ‘OFF’.

vKontakte Configuration

1. Create an app for your website.

1. Login to your vKontakte account.
2. Go to the Developers page Click “Create an Application” button.

Create New Application

3. Fill “Title”, select “Standalone Application” for “Category” click “Connect Website”. (Important! Make sure you have selected “Standalone Application”, other types won’t work)
vKontakte App

Please use your own information, don’t literally re-type “NextScripts Blog”, “” and other sample info.

4. Enter your mobile number, get SMS, enter the code or confirm “Push” action on your smartphone.
Phone Confirmation
Phone Confirmation

Please click “Settings”
Settings Confirmation

4. (!Important!) Please set “Application Status” to “Application on and visible to all”. “Click “Save”

– Notice Application ID on this page.
vKontakte App

2. Connect vKontakte to your WordPress.

1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel, Go to the Settings->Social Networks AutoPoster Options.
2. Click green “Add new account” button, select “vKontakte” from the list.
3. Fill “Your vKontakte URL” with your personal vKontakte URL or your Group page URL.
4. Fill “vKontakte(VK) Application ID” from step 4 above.

3. Authorize vKontakte for your WordPress.

1. Click “Update Settings”. Notice new link “Authorize Your vKontakte Account”.

vKontakte App

2. Click “Authorize Your vKontakte Account” and follow the authorization wizard.

vKontakte App

3. Wizard will finish at the page with the long URL. Please copy that URL completely and past it to the “vKontakte(VK) Auth Response” field.

vKontakte App

vKontakte App

4. [Optional – “Pro” only step]. Enter your username and password to be able to create “Text with attachment” post types.

5. Your vKontakte account is ready to use.

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Have problems? Please check out the Troubleshooting FAQ page.

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