Message Formatting Tags

SNAP supports the following formatting tags:

%TITLE% – Inserts the Title of the post
%URL% – Inserts the URL of the post
%SURL% – Inserts the shortened URL of your post
%IMG% – Inserts the featured image URL
%EXCERPT% – Inserts the excerpt of the post (processed)
%RAWEXCERPT% – Inserts the excerpt of the post (as typed)
%ANNOUNCE% – Inserts the text till the <!–more–> tag or first N words of the post
%FULLTEXT% – Inserts the processed body(text) of the post
%RAWTEXT% – Inserts the body(text) of the post as typed
%ORID% – Original ID. Post ID for WordPress.
%TAGS% – Inserts post tags
%CATS% – Inserts post categories
%HTAGS% – Inserts post tags as hashtags
%HCATS% – Inserts post categories as hashtags
%AUTHORNAME% – Inserts the author’s name
%AUTHORTWNAME% – Inserts @twitter username from the user(author) settings.
%SITENAME% – Inserts the the Blog/Site name
%CF-CustomFieldName% – Inserts the contents of the custom field with the specified name. (example: if your price is stored in the custom field “PRDPRICE” you will need to use %CF-PRDPRICE% tag)
%CT-CustomTaxonomyName% – Inserts the list of custom taxonomies associated with the post
%HCT-CustomTaxonomyName% – Inserts the list of custom taxonomies associated with the post as hashtags.


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** Added in version 1.0.1

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