Instagram Issues

[May 5, 2017]

[message] => Sorry, there was a problem with your request.
[status] => fail
[error_type] => sentry_block

Instagram recently became much more aggressive in enforcing it’s anti-spam/anti-flood/anti-cheating policy. “sentry_block” error means that your account got on their radar. There are two types of that block and unfortunately Instagram gives no additional info regarding which one you got.

1. Your posts were reported by people as “SPAM” and your account got blocked. Please try to login to your Instagram from your phone. If you see “There was a problem with your request” message, this is the one you got. Now please try to login from the browser. If you get in, your block is temporary and will be removed after some time. Please re-think your posting strategy to make your posts less spammy. Please use less hashtags and don’t post any kind of unrelated content to any trendy or popular hashtags.

2. You were abusing the Instagram by posting too much or too fast. Your server IP got banned. We have no additional info if it’s temporary or permanent, so you will need to use proxy. Also please revise your posting speed or quantity of your posts.

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