Blogger/Blogspot and international characters

There is an issue with Blogger/Blogspot and international characters.

Apparently your website must be in the same character encoding as your local Blogger/Blogspot server. There is no universal way to fix this. Please try to change character encoding for your site until you find the one compatible with your Blogger/Blogspot server. Plugin set to use Unicode/UTF8 by default which works for US based and most of the other parts of the world.
So far we got reports that some Russian, Turkish, Korean and Japanese users. This does not affect all users. For example only 1 out of 20 Russian speaking websites have this problem.

Please do not contact us about this issue, check the encoding on your site and read WordPress documentation about DB_COLLATE and DB_CHARSET.

PS: This issue affects both Free and “Pro” plugin.

PS2: Free plugin also has a separate problem with international characters due to the bugs in the free built-in Blogger API. Please see here for more info: Blogger/Blogspot – two ways of auto-posting

PS3: The same issue affects vBulletins installation. Your site and vBulletin board must have the same character encoding.

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