Instagram and API Subscription

Autoposting to Instagram requires an active SNAP API Subscription

NextScripts Instagram API is a newest part of SNAP Universal API package.instagram[1]

“SNAP Universal API package” is a yearly subscription service. Networks are constantly changing interfaces and those API libraries require constant maintenance and development efforts to keep them up to date. We need a subscription to be able to create and issue updates as well as to add new networks.

At some time ago we were running a “One time fee” promo offer. We were offering Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit and Flipboard API libraries package without a yearly subscription and we were promising indefinite support and updates for them. Of course we will keep that promise. You will be able to get all future maintenance and feature updates to those networks.

Instagram and all other networks that we will be adding in a future were not part of that package. Unfortunately we don’t have an ability to include new networks to that “one time fee” package.
If you would like to get Instagram and all future networks we are kindly asking you to subscribe to the service.

Questions and Answers

Why Instagram is saying it will expire? Why I was able to use Instagram API yesterday, but it’s not available anymore?

Technically all API purchases are considered as yearly payments. Even if you took an advantage of “One time fee” promo offer, you still paid for one year. If your one year is not over yet, you will be able to use Instagram API for the rest of it and then it will expire.

What about Google+, Pinterest and other networks? Will they expire too?

No, they won’t expire. You will be able to post to Google+, Pinterest and all other networks that were part of the package at the moment you ordered it forever.

What should I do to keep posting to Instagram?

As we already mentioned, you need to have an active yearly subscription. Once your year is expired, you can subscribe to SNAP API here:

Right now: $49.95/Year

Click one of the buttons below to pay with Paypal or Credit Card. You will be charged for $49.95 each year


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