Autoposting to Pinterest clones for Adult audience

Get the special autoposting package for adult websites (NSFW)

More info and live demo: (NSFW)

Package includes autoposting APIs for SNAP WordPress Plugin for some most popular adult sites.

Unique sites:

PinMeScript Based Sites (Both V1 and V2 are supported)
+ many more …

WP (pinclone) Based

Dead now: – now dead – now part of – now part of

Get it now – just $249.95/year

Please note: This package is not an independent product, it’s an addon. It requires SNAP Pro WordPress Plugin or SNAP API.


Here is a testimonial that we recently got from one of our clients.

Hi Michael/Ludwig

First of all thanks again for the really great plugin. I just made some calculations for myself and then I thought it will be good to share them with you. Fell free to publish it as testimonial on your site if you like.

1. Before SNAP.

I had 3 sites. I was publishing a new post on each site and then I was going to 27 different adult sites to share my new post there. I worked as fast as I can, yet It took me around 1.5 hours for each site so I spent 4-5 hours per day on my 3 sites. I earned $50-$65 per month from each site so my total was $150-$200.

2. With SNAP.

Right now I have 40 sites. I spent the same 4 hours per day making new posts on them. SNAP autoposts them to 18 different adult sites without my involvement. Each site makes about $20-$30 per month. My total is just passed a whooping $1000 per month.
So if anyone will be wondering that your adult autoposter worth $250 per year, you can show them my calculations. The answer is yes, it worth much more.

Thank you
Stephen Joyce, Jr.


Runtime API (not downloadable, will work only with SNAP WordPress Plugin) ($49.95/year)
Light API ($75/year)
Pro API ($99/year)

SNAP WordPress Plugin

I need:
SNAP Pro Plugin for Wordpress($49.95)
SNAP Pro Multiuser Plugin for Wordpress($149.95)
I don't need WordPress plugin

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