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The plugin and API are out there for more then 3 years. Every day we are getting the same questions over and over. Right now, 8 out of 10 support tickets are getting reply "The answer is in the FAQ".

Please check the Technical Problems Troubleshooting FAQ before opening the ticket. There is an 80% probability that the answer to your problem is already there. Tickets that already answered in the FAQ are getting the lowest priority. Please, check the FAQ page before opening new ticket.

Our office ours are 9AM-6PM Monday-Friday. Please do not expect a reply on a weekend. Sometimes we get more tickets then we can handle and it could take 3-5 days to get a reply. We are working as fast as we could so please be patient. Please check the FAQ, because most probably your answer is already there and also please see the list of the Current known issues. Please do not open new tickets about them. Those tickets won't be answered.

[March 24, 2017]
[Facebook Groups] Are you getting this error?
"(#200) The user has not authorized the application to perform this action"

Please see here: http://www.nextscripts.com/updts/problemsissues/2017/03/facebook-error-200-user-not-authorized-application-perform-action/

It's a Facebook bug, we are all waiting for it to fix it.

You can track the the progress of the issue on Facebook Bug Tracker:

Please do not open new tickets about it.

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