SNAP Version 3 [Beta] Release Candidate 4

Welcome to the open beta testing of the SNAP Version 4.

First of all, thanks to all people who tested betas 1 – 6 and RC1-3 and provided us with valuable feedback. We made a lot of bug fixes and made some functionality changes based on your suggestions.

Now, you can take V3 Release Candidate 4 for testing.

– This is beta version. It could have bugs and problems. Please do not use on important/live/production websites.
– Auto Reposting Instructions are here:
As you may notice none of us (developers) is native English speaker, so if you are, we will appreciate any feedback regarding typos and incorrect language used

Release Candidate 4 release notes (Oct 23, 2013)

– 14 Bugs fixed
– Comments import has been completely redone. Disqus and usernames should be correct now.
– Code was optimized for lighter footprint

Release Candidate 3 release notes (Oct 11, 2013)

– 23 Bugs fixed.

Release Candidate 2 release notes (Oct 1, 2013)

– 63 Bugs fixed.

Release Candidate 1 release notes

– All networks has been moved to the new API engine
– 117 Bugs fixed.

Beta 6 release notes

– New feature: Reset all Settings for existing posts.
– New feature: Extended debug info.
– New feature: Ability to send errors by email.
– New feature: New Option – How to handle spaces in hashtags.

Beta 5 release notes

– New feature: “Custom URL” for posts
– New feature: “Let Facebook decide attachment info”
– New “Advanced” features has been expanded to all networks
– deviantart support is back as promised.

Beta 4 release notes

– New “Advanced” features has been expanded to more networks and now available to App.Net, Blogger, Google+, Facebook, LinedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and
– deviantart support has been temporary removed, will be back for beta 5.

Report Problems

Please send us reports of all problems as well as your suggestions:

Please select “Your platform” as “[V3 Beta] WordPress


1. Deactivate and uninstall the SNAP plugin that you already have. Delete the plugin folder.
Don’t worry, that won’t delete your configured networks and settings.
“Pro” users, keep the “SNAP Upgrade Helper” installed and activated.

Download the file, go to the WP Admin->Plugins->Add new->Upload, select the file and click “Install Now”. Activate the plugin.

If you already have SNAP version 2.X.X or Version 3 Beta installed, Version 3 RC4 will automatically import all your configured networks and settings.
If you have SNAP version 1.X.X installed, please upgrade to 2.7.20 using your WP-Admin panel and then install Version 3 Beta 4.

New Features

New “Free” and “Pro” Features
– Auto-repost existing and already posted posts based on some rules – one-by-one from old to new, one-by-one from new to old, from specific dates, “older then N days and younger then X days”.
– Add auto-posts to the query that will be posted according to some specified rules (like “two posts per hour”)
– Select what image to use for “Image” and “Attachment” post types if post has several images
– Support
– Custom URL for posts

“Pro” only Features.
– Schedule auto-post for the specific time
– Auto-repost existing random posts from from specific dates or “older then N days and younger then X days”.
– Limit random or one-by-one auto-reposting for specific days of the week and times. (like Monday-Friday from 8AM to 7PM Only)
– Reddit Support

I am “Free” user, can I test the “Pro” features?

We got a lot of interest and a lot of requests from beta testers. We have many “Free” and “Pro” users participating in the beta program. If you are free user, please don’t ask for a license to “test” pro features. That won’t be fair to the people who bought the “Pro” license. You can get your own “Pro” license here. “Pro” license comes with lifetime of free support and updates.


Download the SNAP Version 3 Release Candidate 4 here:


Thanks for your participation in our Beta program.

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