SNAP API (Runtime) Subscription

What is is?

SNAP API (Runtime) is a set of libraries that allow SNAP WordPress Plugin autopost to networks that don’t have native APIs.

What is included?

1 year of access to all available API libraries. As of now:
Google+ – post to Google+ Profile, Google+ Branded Pages, Google+ Business Pages, Google+ Collections, Google+ Communities. Also an ability to post to Google+ Collections and Google+ Communities as “Page”.
Pinterest – pin images to your Pinterest Boards.
Instagram – post your images with description.
LinkedIn – post to LinkedIn Company pages and LinkedIn Groups.
Flipboard – Post to your magazine.
Reddit – post to your own subreddits.
YouTube – post messages to your YouTube channel feed. Ability to attach existing YouTube videos to posts.
XING – post to your profile, groups and company pages

If another network is added during the year, you will get immediate access to it.

Subscribe to SNAP API (Runtime) here:

Right now: $49.95/Year

Click one of the buttons below to pay with Paypal or Credit Card. You will be charged for $49.95 each year



I used to have the subscription, but it has been canceled. Can I renew it? Do I need to re-configure all networks?

Yes, of course, you can renew it. Just use the same payment buttons above. You don’t need to re-configure your existing networks. If you use the same email as before, your sites should get the upgraded code with the next update (2-4 hours). You can speed it up by clicking the “[Check for API Update]” link button in the Help/Support/About tab. if you use a different email, please go to the Help/Support/About tab, click “[Change Activation Key]” and enter your new key. All settings and already configured networks will stay intact.

Can I download it and use it in my own projects?

No, SNAP API (Runtime) is NOT downloadable. It will be installed in your SNAP WordPress Plugin and it will work only from SNAP WordPress Plugin. if you need downloadable API that can be used from PHP you can get it from here:

Is it hard to install?

There is no installation at all. All you need to do is to enter your activation key to your SNAP WordPress Plugin and all API libraries will be installed automatically.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Please see the answer in the FAQ – #16 How can I cancel my subscription?

Do I need to purchase SNAP WordPress Plugin too?

“Pro” version of SNAP WordPress Plugin is included with API subscription for free.

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